The Beauty in Every Day

Kalon (kay-lawn) is the Greek concept of beauty that is not only physical, but inner as well. Each Kalon Ceramics piece holds within it a wonderful possibility. A teacup can remind you to savour the serenity of a quiet moment. A serving bowl fosters the warmth of bringing loved ones together. A colourful vase may inspire the joy of sharing a gift.

Let Kalon Ceramics inspire you to enjoy the beauty that is in every day. 

Meet Anne Gibson

My passion for pottery comes from the infinite versatility that clay holds. A lump of mud can be made into something delicate and ethereal or durable and monumental. The possibilities keep me on the cusp between eager and engulfed, as I have more inspirations than I have time to try all of them.

Finding inspiration

Inspiration could come from a walk in the woods, the beach at sunset, a blossoming tree, a sheet of origami paper, a vintage textile, the shape of a sprig, or the shade of a glaze. I enjoy balancing form with embellishment, marrying the materials with design.

Most of my items are thrown on the wheel, but some are hand built. I work in stoneware, which is then fired in an electric kiln. After the first firing, the ware is hand painted with glaze, and fired two or three more times in the kiln depending on the decorative techniques I’m using. 

A maker’s mission

It’s my mission to pass on happiness from the hand of the maker to your hands.

It’s the joy of creativity, really a lifelong compulsion to make things, that propels me to make pottery. I think my happiness in making things infuses each pot, and I hope the sentiment carries to you or beyond as a unique and useful gift.  

Making pottery, from lump of clay to finished pot, is a slow but deeply satisfying process. I try to absorb inspiration from my surroundings attentively. I love to capture a sense of flow in making the pots. I'm learning to accept the sometimes-unexpected results from the kiln.   

I hope these pots inspire those who hold them to feel happiness and enjoy the pleasure of being in this moment!

  • Handcrafted

    Thoughtfully made artisan pieces with original character

  • Quality Materials

    Durable, functional glazed stoneware made to last

  • Inspiring

    Attractive and tactile works to inspire you to savour the moment

  • Ideal Gifts

    Unique wares that make a special gift or an indulgence for you!